Saturday, November 28, 2009

Life in the Too-Fast Lane
Or dreams of the overworked

Wow. The last several months have been crazy. I literally feel as if I've been buried alive. There's just too much going on!

It seems as if there's something pressing every day, and sometimes I get double and triple booked on things. In addition to my home duties, there's running my daughter to school, gymnastics and piano lessons, my full time business, my father has been in the hospital for weeks, I was accepted on to the board of the Round Hill Arts Center, I've been working like crazy to get the artists co-op off the ground, then there was my cable interview, I've a commission I'm trying to work on, I'd also been prepping for a consignment interview with a potential new shop to sell my jewelry, and I agreed to make 21 charms for a SATeam exchange. Oh yes, and a couple of Etsy sales to ship out (but no complaints there!)

Whew. I'm ready for a vacation. My six year old keeps saying she wants to go to Hawaii, of all places, but that sounds great to me!

While a trip to Hawaii would be lovely, it just ain't gonna happen. Actually, I really, REALLY would like to go to Arizona this February to go to the Tucson Gem Shows, but mostly I'd like to attend the Rio Grande Catalog in Motion (see the video below).

*sigh* No Hawaii or Tucson for me. Maybe one of these days I'll make it to King of Prussia and attend a Interweave Bead & Wire Fest. I notice there's one coming up in April of next year. Oh well, that's not likely to happen either.

I do have more jewelry classes lined up to teach in December and January. I'm looking forward to those, but I have to wonder if it's just too much?

Oh NO! I've completely forgotten that it's almost Christmas!!

I KNEW I'd forgotten something! So, now we add shopping to the list.
Thank goodness for the Internet!

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