Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Very Productive Visit!

I recently had an appointment with a potential new place to sell my jewelry. When I got the address, I kept thinking it sounded familiar. No wonder. It was the first location of my retail saddlery business. Duh. So, being the directionally challenged loser that I am, for once, I knew where I was headed.

I have to admit, I wasn't sure if my jewelry would be a good fit. The name gave me pause as it's very deceiving; "Consignment Boutique". Hmmmm. . .

But WOW. What a surprise! The shop is lovely. Not only is it very tastefully decorated, but the merchandise is GORGEOUS! There is designer clothing and accessories, pampering beauty supplies, paintings and home decor, and jewelry. Everything is first class, top quality, and the items that are second hand are in like-new condition. I was shown some beautiful new items that the ladies have imported from Europe. Other exciting things are yet on order, too.

I met with the shop owners Marilyn Naylor and Sheila Ralph and was able to show them my jewelry. I normally keep all my inventory in a salesman's case so I took it all in with me. I thought they might pick a few pieces out and that, would be that. I'm very excited and pleased to say that they liked my jewelry and took almost ALL that I had!

I'd spread my jewelry on the counter for Marilyn and Sheila to review, and was happy that several customers walked over and admired it. I must add here that the store was JUMPIN'! The entire time I was there, the shop had customers - which in this economy is something! And we're not talking about a junky, second-hand store, we're talkin' high class BOUTIQUE! Yet, the prices are very reasonable. I was very, very impressed.

While I was there, a woman came up and asked if she could take a photograph of Marilyn and me looking over my jewelry on the counter. It turns out that she was there to interview the ladies for "Talk Loudoun". It's an e-zine that promotes the community in Loudoun County, Virginia.

I have to guess that my picture may be published in the e-zine. Once Marilyn introduced us, I had the opportunity to tell the reporter how I'd met Marilyn (through the Round Hill Arts Center). Well, one thing lead to another and the woman was quite excited to learn about all my various connections; especially about RHAC, and the Gateway Gallery (the new co-op) . So, I may be getting a phone call for more information and possibly an interview.

I feel very honored that the Consignment Boutique has chosen to carry my jewelry. I noticed that I'm in with some great company too. My friends Mary Kenesson and Katie Stidley had some of their jewelry in there as well. Which, I feel I must put a plug in here, that they are both teaching jewelry classes at the Round Hill Arts Center.

Especially with the holidays looming over us, the merchandise is definitely worth checking out. I promise you, you will find some perfect gifts for friends and family, and probably one or two things for yourself!

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  1. We agree completely that the Consignment Boutique is a gem! Thanks for sharing your experience.