Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

My GOODNESS! Has it really been this long since I've posted to my blog?!

Needless to say, my life has been too crazy for a L-O-N-G time! Here Summer is almost over and I'm just now getting back on my feet. *sigh* I'm not looking forward to another long Winter.

BUT, this year will be different. Yeah, I keep telling myself that. :-)

It's time for me to stop doing so much for others without thinking of ME! I need my art to keep me sane, so I am finally getting back to crafty things in my life.

Some exciting news: My husband is finally working on my soon-to-be studio! We are converting our two car garage into living space and 3/4 of that will be a STUDIO!! I just love that word!

My father-in-law came down recently and helped hubby install two huge windows, and last weekend, my husband added a door and another window! My FIL kept suggesting we needed skylights, too. Yeah! I like that idea!

But what a difference the windows make. I just love to stand out there! The light is fantastic and the view is wonderful. I can gaze out of those huge windows and see green EVERYWHERE!

You have to understand that our house has minimal windows and what are there, you can't really see out. It's rather depressing.

I just can't wait to be able to work out in my new studio! It will be great to be able to have all my art stuff in one place, all out and ready to use!

The other big news is the Gateway Gallery is now officially open and doing really well! The cooperative has collected 30 local artists who are extremely talented. Our members include painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, jewelers, wood turners, fiber artists, and many dabble in mixed media. The gallery is gorgeous too! Our gallery committee is doing a super job of keeping the place fresh and inviting. Please check out the web site;

Hopefully, things will continue to be low key and I'll get my life back on track. I'm going to make every effort to keep up with this blog, as well!

As the saying goes; I'll keep you posted!

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