Friday, October 23, 2009

New Northern Virginia Artists CoOp

With the move and reorganization of the RHAC, it had been decided that they wanted to concentrate their efforts on their well run art center and not have a gallery/gift shop as well. Which makes sense to me. The are all about education, not retail ventures. They'd suggested that the artists and consignors from the old gallery start a cooperative. RHAC has very kindly agreed to help in any way, and would like it to still be a part of the RHAC family.

Well, for the last several weeks a bunch of artists (a group made up of some RHAC's teachers, board members, consignors from the old gallery and local artisans) have been attempting to start an Artists Cooperative. We'd gotten a bit of a rocky start - a room full of self assured, creative people, each with an opinion... well, it was like herding cats. But, over the last several weeks, a core of people have put their heads together and have really made some progress!

It's been a very interesting process so far. We've had to work up financial information, consider space requirements and leasing options, creating standard operating procedures and by-laws. Whew! The RHAC have been VERY supportive so far and would like us to take adjoining space to their new facility at the "Hill High Plaza". It looks like it will be a very good joint venture.

The progression being made is exciting!! Please check us out on and watch us grow! Especially if you are an artist in the Northern Virgina area, we'd love your input AND participation. If interested, now is the time to get involved, because there will be a limited membership.

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